Out of Syllabus

We believe in learning beyond the syllabus because it strengthens and enhances students’ existing knowledge and ensures better engagement to the course. Students organise and participate in different activities throughout the year which facilitates the teaching-learning process.


Business Case Study Competition is a flagship event of BBA(H) Departmnet.The very aim of the said competition is to enable the students of the BBA(H) level to get introduced into the business case studies in an in-depth fashion. Though not immediately related to their University curriculum, this competition is expected to help them out to interpret the different business problems and their tentative solutions which are all important for a management student.

IEM BBA Convention

IEM BBA Convention is another important even of our department. Last year the event was held at National University of Singapore from 7th to 9th February,2019. There were five prolific speakers from the industry who shared their views on the theme IEM (Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Marketspace). The Convention was followed by a one-day certificate course on DigitalMarketing, offered by Dr. Ian Fenwick, Professor of Marketing, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration.


'Disputandam' is the annual inter-class debate competition.This event motivates students to overcome their stage fear and showcase their talent. It helps them to improve their critical thinking ability.


Drumpet is the annual drama workshop which is organised every year to enable students to learn critical issues of management through role playing. Last year, The workshop was conducted for a period of three days that is on the 28th, 29th and 30th of August, 2019 where on the first day, Mr. Gaurinath Bandopadhyay was invited as a guest.

Poster Competition on Union Budget

This is an innovative and engaging event organised by our department where 1st year students design poster on present year's Union Budget. The event seeks to impart students in-depth learning while showcasing their creative talent.

Ashram Cup

Ashram Cup, the annual football championship is a much awaited signature event happening at our college. This eminent event took place on 26th February 2020. Students from all the departments of Ashram campus participate in this buzzing event. Most interesting part is that faculty members and alumni also participate in this event.


Ashramscope is the annual film festival of the department. The aim of this event is to help students to learn with joy through interactive medium like cinema.


Flick is an amazing event which is basically a badminton championship. It's objective is to develop, in the students , sporting spirit and zeal to display their physical prowess and team spirit.

Saraswati Puja

On the auspicious day of Saraswati puja, the students and faculty of ashram come together to seek the blessings of knowledge, music, art and cultures. The rituals are graced with all students, faculty and staff. Every year Ashram celebrates Saraswati puja with the same fervour and it is exactly this that makes the students feel at home away from their home, as we join our hands to pray- " Om saraswati mahabhage, vidya, kamalalochane Viswarupe vishalakhi vidyan-dehi namostute"

Basanto Utsav

Basanto utsav has been a legacy of our college. Under the graciously clear sky surrounded by the greeneries, we welcome the spring as the fiesta of colors smudge every soul with happiness. Rabindranath Tagore's songs, rhymes and dance dramas are performed by the students.

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